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"Bodegas Gomez de Malibu Cabernet, I have been working and playing in the wine business for most of my adult life and have had the opportunity to experience the best of the best. When Tim and I reconnected, Tim was my first boss here in California when he hired me at Young?s Market Company as a wine sales person, I was somewhat skeptical about wines from the Santa Monica Mountains. When he asked me to come work at Cornell he introduced me the wines of Ruth & David Gomez and I was awestruck! This Cabernet is complex, full of rich cherry and blackberry flavors that dance on your palate with a unique balance of acid and fruit. The balance lends itself to sitting and watching a sunset or cooking up an amazing meal and enjoying the pairing. As I have had a few chanced to meet David & Ruth and hear their story I find myself more and more intrigued by their story, he is a Rocket Scientist and she is a Physical Therapist to the blind, science & soul coming together to create such a masterpiece, what could be better?"
~ Lori Marshal, Cornell Winery Staff

Bodegas Gomez de Malibu wines can be purchased at
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